*Delivery is only available in the Tempe area*


How do I order cookies?

You can either call us at (480) 744-4545 or fill out our order form online​ by going to the "order" section.


Can I arrange for a specific timeframe for delivery? 

We only deliver on specific days that are listed unless you have a special request which you can call and ask for. Timeframes are tricky, but we will contact you after your order to arrange for a smooth delivery.

How do I know when my cookies will be delivered? 

We will contact you with confirmation once your order is received, and from there will continue to update you on your order/delivery status (please make sure to include your phone number for smooth communication).

How do I pay for my order?

Sadly, we do not accept payments online at this time, but we accept almost any form of payment (cash, card, Venmo, etc.) once your cookies are delivered to you. 

I am hosting a big party and need a LOT of cookies.. how can I arrange for this?

Just go to our "catering" section and fill out our form or give us a call! We will accommodate your needs and help you host a wonderful party. Under the "catering" section you will also find more info on the amount/flavors of cookies you can order. 

Can I find Sammi's Cookies anywhere else?

Yes! In fact, Sammi's Cookie Co. is working on partnering with other businesses that will sell singular cookies at their specific location. We will update the business names and locations once the partnership gets settled. 

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